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Super Heroes Undershirt Long Sleeve Adult General Black Black Round Neck All Seasons

Super Heroes Undershirt Long Sleeve Adult General Black Black Round Neck All Seasons

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The SUPER HERO'S undershirt is an undershirt that uses a newly invented technology that stimulates meridians with a special ore-filled tape, based on the technique of martial arts masters to regulate the flow of chi.
As a new invention, patents have been obtained not only in Japan but also in the United States and other countries around the world, and joint research is underway with various universities and local governments.
This special revive processing was tested by a third-party organization, and the moment the shirt was put on, the strength of the back muscles increased by an average of 38%, and the flexibility (forward bending) increased by an average of 6 cm. In addition, according to the manufacturer's research, more than 95% of people feel the effect just by wearing it.
By all means, it is a product that all athletes who want to immediately improve their physical performance should wear.

Flexibility, approach to physical ability, refreshed awakening, back and shoulder troubles, etc. If you feel unwell, please stop wearing and consult a doctor.

◆Handling method◆
If the printed surface falls off, the effect will be lost.
It will not fall off immediately, but please handle it carefully.
Observe the following to prolong the life of RevivePrint.

1. washing
a) Avoid rubbing and wash by pressing.
b) Please use a net when using the washing machine.
*Please note that the color may fade slightly.

2. Do not dry using a drum-type washing machine (fully automatic drying).
Please dry naturally as much as possible. Avoid direct sunlight and dry in the shade.

Material 100% polyester

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Worry-free return guarantee

If you do not feel the effect or efficacy when using it, we will accept returns within one week of receipt.

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